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Changelog Changelog #003

Discussion in 'Forum Changelogs and Updates' started by HS Kessie, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. HS Kessie

    HS Kessie Gold Nova III Community Owner

    General changes
    • Added thread prefix "Notice" for all forum categories.
    • Updated the forum footer legal notice.
    Design changes
    • Altered thread inline moderation highlighting to be consistent with the theme (and also not atrociously unreadable)
    • Altered blockquote bottom margins to correctly display quote headers when inline moderation is used.
    • Removed border on inline moderation overlay to be consistent with the theme.
  2. HS Smithy

    HS Smithy Silver III Chief Community Developer

  3. HS ManInBlack

    HS ManInBlack Silver I Game Staff

  4. HS Colin

    HS Colin Silver IV

    KKK. (only joking)