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13 reasons why

Discussion in 'Television & Film' started by HS THE65KOMODO, Apr 4, 2017.


    HS THE65KOMODO Silver II Game Staff

    Has anyone else watched this new show on Netflix. I'm only 2 episodes in and I feel like Hannah is a bitch. Any opinions?
  2. HS Kessie

    HS Kessie Gold Nova III Community Owner

    I noticed it in my library, and it looked like another teen flick. So I didn't watch any of it.
  3. HS LukeDaWolf

    HS LukeDaWolf Silver II Community Administrator

    I heard it's actually nice. Sure, it's probably a teen flick, but it's touching. It's about suicide.
  4. Nien Nunb

    Nien Nunb Silver II Lord DarkSkull88

    All my friends refuse to shut the fuck up about it. It seems decent, but I can't stand it due to their never ending screeching about it.